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Embark on the Ultimate Adventure: Super Safari Full Program in Hurghada

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Super Safari Trip in Hurghada, a full-day adventure meticulously designed to cater to thrill-seekers and culture enthusiasts of all ages. Your day begins with a convenient hotel pickup around 11:30 am, setting the stage for an immersive experience in the stunning desert landscapes of Hurghada.

ATV Quad Bike and Buggy Adventures: Feel the Desert’s Pulse

The excitement kicks off with an adrenaline-pumping ATV quad bike ride through the vast, open desert. Navigate the dunes and rugged terrain, feeling the pulse of the desert beneath you. The thrill continues with a buggy car ride, offering another dynamic and exhilarating way to explore the sandy expanses. These powerful vehicles provide an unmatched experience, combining speed with the breathtaking scenery of the desert.

Jeep Tour to a Traditional Bedouin Village: Cultural Immersion

After the high-speed adventures, the pace shifts as you embark on a jeep tour to a traditional Bedouin village. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the desert’s indigenous people, stepping back in time to explore their traditions, homes, and unique way of life. This insightful visit provides a fascinating contrast to the day’s earlier activities.

Camel Ride and Bedouin Tea: Connecting with Tradition

Deepen your cultural exploration with a serene camel ride, offering a traditional and peaceful way to enjoy the vastness of the desert. Connect with the landscape as the Bedouins have for centuries. Following the camel ride, indulge in the simple pleasure of Bedouin tea, a symbol of hospitality and tradition in the desert community. This warm, aromatic beverage offers a moment of relaxation and reflection on the day’s experiences.

Dinner and Show: An Evening Under the Stars

The adventure culminates back at the safari station with a delicious dinner and an engaging show. Savor the flavors of local cuisine while being entertained by performances that celebrate the region’s artistic heritage. This evening event provides a perfect ending to a day filled with adventure, learning, and unforgettable memories.



  • Seamless Hotel Pickup and Dropoff
  • Thrilling ATV Quad Ride
  • Exciting Buggy Car Adventure
  • Cultural Jeep Tour
  • Insightful Bedouin Village Exploration
  • Bedouin Tea Experience
  • Peaceful Camel Ride
  • Enchanting Dinner and Show
  • $3 Fee for National Park Access
  • Additional $5 for Transfers (Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh)
  • $10 for Transfers (El Gouna, Soma Bay, Safaga Hotels)

Tour Map

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    adam learg

    good trip i enjoy with my friends

    February 20, 2024

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